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How will My Apex Offer buy your house?

A faster, safer, and streamlined selling process that removes the unwanted hassle in selling your home and puts more money in your pocket. 

The Easiest Sale of Your Life

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Request an Offer

Quick Walkthrough

Close When you Want

You can submit your basic property information             and we will get back to you with our best offer in just a couple of short days!

One of our team members will do a quick walkthrough to assess your home and give you the best offer possible for your home.

Choose a closing date that works best for you and your timeline. Yes, it really is that simple. Don't wait, submit your property today!

How does My Apex Offer compare to a traditional sale?

My Apex Offer











Our Competitor

Example Offer Price

Estimated Repairs

Service Charge

Est. Closing Costs

Est. Net Proceeds

These numbers are examples provided  for educational purposes. Offer price and market value may vary.

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Selling Made Easy

Is it really that easy to sell to My Apex Offer?

Close on your timeline

Choose a closing date that works best for you and your situation. We work on your timeline.

No application fees

Submit your property           for free. We will get an offer back to you as soon as possible for (you guessed it) free!

Lease-back option available

Want to take advantage of your equity but haven't found your next home yet? Sell your house to us now and rent it back up to 12 months until you are ready to move. 

Quick results

Receive our best offer upfront within just a couple days. Eliminating the need for any counteroffers or waiting while your home sits on the market. 

No closing costs

We don't charge commissions and our buyers cover closing costs. This means thousands of extra dollars in your pocket!

Get answers with My Apex Offer

Some of our most asked questions

How is My Apex Offer different from a traditional sale?

My Apex Offer has streamlined the home selling process. When you choose to sell your house to My Apex Offer, there are no showings or staging's needed. There are no fees or commissions that come at closing, which means more money for you and your clients!

If I request an offer, am I obligated to sell? 

Requesting an offer is completely free and does not hold you to any obligation to sell! If you would like to request an offer please submit your basic property information 

I'm an agent, can I get an offer for my client?

Absolutely! You can request an offer on your clients behalf               It can take up to 48 business hours to receive your offer. We will contact you as soon as we can! 

What property information do I need to provide?

We will need to know basic property information to give you the best offer possible! This information allows us to compare other houses in your neighborhood to make a qualifying offer on your home. It takes less than a minute to fill out the           form with your property information.

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Contact us with any questions.

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